StoneBilt Concepts Plant Solution

StoneBilt Concepts chooses flexible, consistent batch plant to meet market demand for quality hardscape and architectural products.

Precast Concepts is one company that recently made an investment to serve the demand for high quality hardscape precast products. Based in Commerce City, north of Denver, the firm built a new facility in 2012 to house its StoneBilt Concepts division, which is dedicated to the production of wet cast value-added hardscape and architectural products. The range of products produced by the division includes natural-looking stone textured paving slabs, retaining walls, architectural accessory elements, signs, and other custom precast concrete products. Almost any earth tone color can be produced using the facility’s advanced concrete batching and color metering systems from ACT.

The mix accuracy and efficiency of the ACT MobilMat and PCS controls are essential for StoneBilt products. The fact that the ACT color metering system is tightly integrated with the rest of the batching system is critical. Color accuracy is everything, and tight moisture control is vital for both color and SCC mix consistency. StoneBilt gets that with the ACT/Wiggert MobilMat plant.

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