CentroMix Affordable Precast Solution

Our CentroMix plants are designed for small concrete producers and smaller construction sites. There are two basic designs: One with an aggregate weigh-belt and one with aggregate weighing via a traveling weigh-batcher. The CentroMix allows up to four types of aggregates, up to three types of cementitious materials and can use two types of water. The plant may also be operated with up to four additives (with direct feed or bottle-type).

The mixing arms of the CentroMix plant are round to minimize sticking material. In addition, the mixer has a new, revised mixing shovel bracket that is also designed to reduce sticking of the material.

CentroMix Brochure

Key Benefits

  • High performance planetary CPM mixer
  • Precision accumulative weigh-batching
  • CCS control for unattended operation
  • Reliable productivity
  • Delivered pre-wired, pre-plumbed for fast and easy set-up
  • No foundation work required
  • Easy to relocate
  • Skid mount available
  • Flexible layout options to suit your production needs

Key Features

  • Up to 4 types of aggregates
  • Up to 3 cementitious components
  • Up to 4 admixtures
  • Exchangeable bins – optional

Suitable for a wide range of applications

The standard CentroMix Plant features two bins, with an optional wall increase. Apart from the ordinary bins, exchangeable bins or a Big-Bag station can be used, and a combination of both is possible. The discharge gates of the bins are optimized with guide plates to ensure high dosing accuracy. With the belt version, the bin discharge gates are arranged at 90 degrees toward the belt direction.


  • Weigh batcher
  • Feeding belt
  • Skiphoist
  • Automatic moisture correction

Available in two sizes (true output)

  • 0.5 cubic yards
  • 1.0 cubic yards
CentroMix Affordable Batching Plant

Diagram 1

Centro Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Mixer platform with weighing skip

Diagram 2

Centro Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Aggregate bins with dosing belts

Diagram 3

Centro Mix Concrete Batch Plant

Aggregate bins with collective belt - exchangeable bins

Diagram 4


Traveling weigh batcher (as shown in the large image above)

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