Planetary Countercurrent Concrete Mixers (HPGM)

ACT Introduces Upgraded Mixer Loaded with Enhancements

Advanced Concrete Technologies celebrates its 30-year U.S. anniversary with upgraded high shear countercurrent planetary mixer. The HPGM V9 features enhanced performance, increased durability and improved operation. Three options for batch water addition: weighed, volumetric, and NEW injection from side walls resulting in reduced wetting of surfaces for shorter clean-up time. New protective coverings shield components from impact, debris and water. Enlarged mixer access doors including electromagnetic safety locks. Additional enhancements: increased mixer tool durability, standard soft start control for lower AMP draw, and flush mounted bolt heads to reduce concrete buildup.

The rugged HPGM mixer can handle anything from wet and dry cast concretes, specialty mix designs to the latest self-compacting concrete (SCC), lightweight and heavyweight concrete, specialty high strength concrete, colored concrete mixes, wet and dry mortar, plaster, foundry sand, glass, mineral mixes and fine powder mixes.

The HPGM's powerful concrete mixing stars rotate around a center vertical axis, delivering intense countercurrent mixing action and transferring all the mixing energy directly into the concrete. In addition, the mixing shovels have been optimized to perfect the mixing shear action and to completely sweep out the pan between batches. Larger mixers are equipped standard with a hydraulic torque converter coupling between the motor and main gear reducer which allows the mixer to start smoothly, even with a full batch, and protects the mixer driveline.

Also available are three levels of replaceable, wear resistant liner material including Armor plates that have demonstrated wear life in excess of 120,000 batch cycles! HPGM mixers come standard with an oversized hydraulic discharge gate for fast and safe discharge and have a manual back-up hand pump, so that the gates can be opened even in the event of a power outage. The powerful top mounted motor and drive system offer an unobstructed mixing pan interior for fast mixing, easy maintenance and cleaning. The water batching spray jets come standard with check valves and also perform a cleaning function.

HPGM 2250

HPGM 3000

HPGM 3450

HPGM 3750

HPGM 4500

HPGM 5250

HPGM 375

HPGM 500

HPGM 750

HPGM 1125

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