Concrete Distribution Systems

Concrete Transfer Distribution with the Flying Bucket System

Nothing is more important for high volume, quality concrete products than a constant supply of freshly mixed concrete. Our reliable dual-rail flying bucket systems delivers fresh concrete mix to wherever it's needed for maximum plant efficiency and labor savings.

To minimize interface problems, the concrete delivery system can be fully integrated into our WCS control system. Each system is custom designed to meet your specific transport requirements.

Features of our concrete distribution flying bucket system includes:

  • Roll-over type or clamshell bottom discharge for wet or dry cast mixes
  • Single or double buckets to prevent contamination for transport of face and base mixes
  • Buckets designed to run curves or inclined tracks
  • Flying buckets with deviation branches, etc.
  • Variable speed drives for high speed operation
  • Multiple tow motors for large loads
  • Special non-stick wear liners for bucket interior
  • Traveling discharge chute available, automatically folds down at discharge location
  • Automatic Cleaning System available to wash out the flying bucket.
  • Can be fully integrated into WCS control for a seamless interface.

Concrete Transport Systems

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