Batch Plant Testimonials

“In my 23 years of experience in this industry, there’s no doubt that this was one of the best projects I’ve worked on. There were no surprises, no budget changes required, and we got it installed and running with minimal downtime.”
David McClintock
Technical Resource Engineer, Forterra Pipe and Precast

“Our last two big expansions and our move to the two ACT batching systems has enabled us to consistently produce any mix we need. We can switch easily between dry cast and SCC throughout the day. Our current plant provides us with tremendous flexibility. We are confident we can support any product opportunities that arise, absolutely."

Kevin Kooiker
Co-owner and Production director, Eagle Builders

“We especially liked the fact that ACT provides a complete, turnkey system that included everything we needed. We felt that the overall integrated and tested design of the ACT solution set them apart from other options.”

Greg Gorman
Senior VP and COO PennStress

“The mix accuracy and efficiency of the ACT MobilMat and PCS controls were essential for our StoneBilt products. The fact that the ACT color metering system is tightly integrated with the rest of the batching system was critical. Color accuracy is everything. You can’t have color variation from batch to batch and tight moisture control is vital for both color and SCC mix consistency. We get that with the ACT/Wiggert MobilMat plant.”
Ed Anderson
Co-founder and President, StoneBilt Concepts

“It has let us increase production, cut labor, gain productivity, and increase the quality, and I don’t say that lightly, because our quality was very good before the new plant.”

Carl Burkhart
Owner, Arrow Concrete

"The first batch we produced with the new ACT plant was perfect. We expected we would have to produce several trial batches and probably throw them away. We used the first batch! It was plug and play.”

Lee Wheeler
Production Manager, Trenwa Inc.

"The ACT plant includes temperature and moisture monitors that let us track and document everything we produce. And during the cold Minnesota winters, that’s essential. We now produce our own concrete at a cost of 40% less than what we paid for ready-mix. Not only do we save money, but we can better monitor every aspect of our production, and that really gives us peace of mind.”

Jeff Lazar
Plant Engineer, Oldcastle Precast Plant, MN

“ACT has worked very diligently to supply somebody like me with the whole enchilada.”

Bill McGuire
Operations Manager, Concrete Stone & Tile

“From the design stage to startup, the process with ACT went smoothly. Two new installations since the Hanover install are benefitting from ACT’s technology.”

Don Anger
Operations Manager, Americast

"The ACT batch plant is fully integrated, not just a bunch of components delivered to our site with an instruction manual. Except for our admixture dispensing system -- which is tied into the ACT plant control systems as well--every other part of the batch plant is provided by ACT. The only thing we provided was the prepared site, electricity, water, and compressed air. If anything else goes wrong, we make one phone call and ACT is there to help us."

Ash Wineinger
Founder Capital Precast

“We have seen ACT batching systems at trade shows and at many plants we have visited and knew that it was a proven, highly engineered and automated plant. Consistency and stability in dry cast mix is essential for a high quality product and the ACT system gives us that.”

Antonio Tavares
President, Lecuyer Group

“No other supplier ever suggested this to us and it made perfect sense for our situation. It was like getting hit between the eyes with a hammer; so simple a solution and so creative. That’s the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that we get from ACT.”

Rob Ausen
Owner and President, Dalmaray Concrete Products

“Our experience with ACT is always very good. During the install and setup, we never had a problem, unlike our experiences with previous vendors. I have zero complaints.”

Larry, P.E.
Oldcastle's Amcor Precast Foothills

“There’s no comparison between our old system and the ACT batch plant. It’s enabled us to run self-compacting concrete, which we could have never done in the old plant. And, our production capability has improved substantially. Where it once took 20 minutes per batch, it now takes just two minutes. And it only takes a couple of people to run the pouring process, so we save on labor, too.”

Brian Rieland
Plant Manager, Oldcastle Precast Plant. NC

“It’s unbelievable...once you have the right equipment, it’s amazing what you can do. It’s a much more worker-friendly environment - quieter, cleaner, and safer. And, our guys get to go home on time a lot more often, which makes them happy, while we save on overtime costs - which makes us happy, too.”

Rob Ausen
Owner and President, Dalmaray Concrete Products

ACT was instrumental in helping us design the aggregate bin system. They see many plants around the world and sell plants in cold environments, so their experience and recommendations really helped us.

Dennis Fink
Vice President, Northeast Prestressed Products, LLC

“Our experience with ACT was as smooth as silk. Everything fit the first time, and there were enough spare parts. I would never use anyone else but ACT. They didn’t miss a trick.”

Bill Majewski
Plant Manager, Stabil Concrete

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