Automated Concrete Mixer Cleaning System

The inevitable, dirty job of concrete mixer cleaning is now faster and more cost-effective than ever before with our Automated Concrete Mixer Cleaning System.

Our solution uses a patented, rotating nozzle system, delivering a high pressure, 3D spray jet geometry to reach all areas of the mixer interior and blasts off most stubborn concrete build-ups.

System advantages include lower total water consumption and much shorter total cleaning times (approx. 10 minutes or less) than comparable manual cleaning. With the push of a button you can have faster, safer cleanout, happier personnel and labor savings, and increase your available production time.

Our mixer cleaning systems are standard options on our MobilMat and SmartMix batch plants but can also be retrofit successfully to existing batch plants with a variety of types and mixer models.

Key Advantages of the Automated Concrete Mixer Cleaning System:

  • Extended production time due to faster cleaning time
  • Water conservation, compared to conventional mixer cleaning
  • Labor savings
  • Safe mixer cleaning
  • Improved working conditions for happy employees
  • Enhanced preventative maintenance with clean mixer
  • Extends wear life of mixing tools and liners

Rotating Nozzle System for Efficient Concrete Mixer Cleaning:

  • High pressure, Low water volume cleanout at the push of a button.
  • Totally automated with Cleaning cycles times of 10 mins or less!
  • Available for retrofit to all styles of mixers.
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