Moisture Control Systems for Concrete Batch Plants


Moisture can be the enemy when concrete batching precision is required. Thankfully there is HYDROMAT, our advanced computerized microwave moisture control system, which provides accurate concrete moisture measurement and compensation control for dry-cast and wet-cast concrete production.

Comprised of the HYDROMAT water dosing computer and a microwave probe mounted within the concrete mixer, the HYDROMAT moisture metering system can be stand alone or fully integrated with our PCS computer control to automate and maintain the water metering function and give you reliable control of your water/cement ratio for highly consistent concrete product quality.


Our HYDROTESTER II moisture probes are available for use in aggregate bins for accurate concrete batch yield and correction due to varying moisture in the raw materials.

This moisture control systems probe uses SONO/Sonar technology to accurately determine the total moisture content of the material flowing across the ceramic face. It measures both free and absorbed moisture value. The PCS control will then use this value to adjust the yield to account for the moisture present and dose the "dry weight" of the material being measured.

The HYDROTESTER II is available in many configurations allowing for easy mounting and accurate measuring no matter the application challenge.

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