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The concrete mixing and batching plant is the heart of any concrete production facility. Plant downtime can cost a concrete producer on average of $15,000 to $60,000 a day in lost income. These costs can come from poor equipment maintenance practice and rework or patching associated with poor quality concrete production. They all add up!

The P3 program was developed to help plant owners maximize their investment by providing plant operators and maintenance personnel with the know-how to prevent downtime incidents, to produce consistent quality concrete, sustain peak equipment performance, and ultimately make more profit.

The Key Advantages of the P3 Training Program are:
Annual Operator Training Seminars
  • Training seminars are led by experienced ACT professionals in our new state-of-the-art training center.
  • Regularly scheduled 4-day Plant Training Program with a choice of two seminars (Preventive Maintenance & PCS Control Systems)
  • Attendees gain proficiency in trouble-shooting and problem solving techniques, control system optimization, and advanced calibration techniques for all aspects of the plant.
  • These hands-on seminars focus on developing well-trained people who are empowered with necessary skills and knowledge to keep your plant running safely and efficiently.
Online & Phone support
  • Remote online troubleshooting for accurate diagnostics and fast problem solving.
  • Our team of engineering and diagnostics support specialists can assist you around the clock whenever a problem arises.
  • Our technical experts call proactively to make sure your plant is running as efficiently as possible. This helps you to optimize any required repair or inspection schedule to prevent major plant downtime.

When subscribing to the P3 Training Program our customers will receive a complimentary Performance Kit, including a spare parts locker, a free metric tool box, and a recommended spare parts list, customized for your plant.

P3 is the industry’s first comprehensive customer support solution designed to enhance operator and plant performance – so plant owners can get the most out of their investment.

Concrete Mixing System

Call us at 603.431.5661 to learn more about the P3 Training Program.

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