Lecuyer Group Plant Solution

The combination of Hawkeye-Pedershaab PipePro XT pipe production system and ACT MobilMat concrete batching give Lecuyer the greatest possible competitive edge.

The Lecuyer team decided the time was right for a new, completely automated plant in Canada— which could produce the right types of pipe at the lowest possible cost, yet do so with the highest quality and on-time delivery. The Quebec Concrete Pipe Inc., in French known as Tuyaux de Béton Quebec Inc., was developed with the help of Lecuyer’s team partners, Hawkeye-Pedershaab and Advanced Concrete Technologies (ACT).

The state-of-the-art pipe plant was designed and built specifically to accommodate the Hawkeye-Pedershaab PipePro XT RCP manufacturing system and ACT MobilMat Mo80/4-PCS concrete batching plant. Both Hawkeye-Pedershaab and ACT engineers assisted Lecuyer and its general contractor from the earliest stages through to completion to ensure an optimal outcome.

Beginning in November 2009 and continuing until the plant was producing commercial quantities of pipe in early 2011, Hawkeye-Pedershaab and ACT representatives visited the Lecuyer site numerous times, provided detailed drawings, consulted by phone and email, and delivered and commissioned the pipe production equipment according to a detailed schedule, complete with performance guarantees.

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