Dalmaray Concrete Plant Solution, 2012

Dalmaray expands product line and market boundaries to achieve best year ever

Dalmaray was forced to adapt its business schedule and practices to the restrictions of its ready-mix suppliers. The firm, which began more than fifty years ago producing precast steps, is now one of the larger diversified precasters in Wisconsin. The firm’s product line today includes precast utility pads and vaults, window wells, manholes, retaining wall, septic tanks, agricultural structures and many custom products.

Ausen’s decision to invest in his own batching plant was not easy. “I looked at about eight different suppliers for batch plants and they all asked me a lot of specific questions, many of which I just couldn’t answer,” he recalls. “I had never owned or run a batch plant before so I didn’t know what I needed. Luckily, I found Advanced Concrete Technologies (ACT). Max Hoene, the president of ACT, visited our facility. He and the ACT/Wiggert design team showed us exactly how a batch plant worked and helped us determine the best solution.”

ACT provided Ausen with engineering and design guidance at every step of the way to ensure the new batch plant would fit in the existing Dalmaray facility on Arch Street. While Ausen also planned a production floor expansion, space was tight for the new batch plant.

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